• Kathryn Billings

Challenge your unhelpful thoughts

When you think something that's a limit to yourself, ask yourself the question ... is this really true?

For example a limiting thought could be the belief that to have a great career you have to sacrifice time with your children.

Is it possible to have a great career without sacrificing family time?

If that thought didn't exist in you how would you feel?

What would you go out and do if you didn’t have that thought or belief?

Instead of saying you can't, see how you CAN make it happen.

1. First become aware of the limiting thoughts you have

2. Then challenge that belief

3. Break through the limiting emotion by asking yourself quality questions like:

How can I have, do or be this?

What needs to happen for me to do this?

What changes can I make?

What different actions can I take to get a different outcome?

Your brain will respond as easily to those questions as it does when you say to yourself Why am I so dumb, why can’t I ever be on time, why can’t I lose weight, why do I never get the promotion?

When you ask yourself a negative question your brain will come up with all the reasons why you don’t have that thing – which are not very pleasant!

When you ask yourself a quality question, like how can I achieve this, your brain will come up with solutions.

Whatever question you ask yourself your brain will find an answer for, so make sure you direct or focus your mind by asking it resourceful questions for ways to achieve the success you desire.


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